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Healthwatch Torbay

HealthwatchlogoChanging the way we praise and complain

Funding Torbay is working with Healthwatch Torbay who are leading the way in helping you to feed back about services.

Everyone who uses health and social care services has the right to expect a high standard. In order to help those organisations achieve these standards, Healthwatch Torbay need your help by giving feedback on the services you have  used.

They will summarise your feedback and provide it to the organisations that deliver our health and social care services in Torbay, so they can get a clear picture of your experiences when using the services they provide. This will help them encourage and reward good practice, as well as identify and rectify any problems you may encounter. Your voice really could make a difference.

You can review as many services as you like, and if you use a service on more than one occasion you can leave feedback each time you visit. Healthwatch Torbay will ask you for a little information about yourself when you leave a review, but if you prefer you can leave a review anonymously.

Tell Healthwatch Torbay when things are going well and when they’re not, so they can do something about it. You can do this online here by submitting a review of your experience, or contact them by telephone on 0800 052 0029 or by email at